Today more than ever we have to remain vigilant in protecting our elders from being exposed to serious illnesses. In order to properly maintain our respective distance it can become increasingly hard to check in on and spend time with our aging loved ones. Below are a few ways you can send your love and thoughtfulness from a distance.

Video Chat

Anyone with a cell phone, tablet, or computer is most likely able to participate in some form of video chat. While Facetime isn’t available to everyone, Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook video chat are! Most of these platforms will also allow you to add screens from multiple locations, allowing the entire family to join!

Send a Care Package

No one knows your loved one better than you do, so why not mail them a package with all of their favorite treats! From candies and notes to movies and small gifts, care packages can help families and friends share joy and sentiments with each other from worlds away.

Have a Meal Delivered

Having a hot and delicious meal delivered is one of the easiest ways to send a lot of love from a distance. Whether it’s from their favorite restaurant or something you made from scratch, nothing beats having prepared food delivered right to your door.

Final Thoughts

While it remains difficult for everyone, at this time maintaining a reasonable distance from our elders is by far the best way we can protect them from falling ill. When you can’t be there and meal deliveries are no longer cutting it, consider how professional home care services could help. In-home care services can be beneficial at any point within the aging process. Click here for more information about home care services in Wilmington, NC.