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Reasons to Open a Home Instead Franchise

Home Instead is a proud leading provider of in-home senior care services across the globe. This franchise has not only helped thousands of families remain close while their loved ones age gracefully at home, but it has also enabled countless CAREGivers and franchise owners to provide for their own families in ways they could have never imagined. Follow along below to learn why so many have chosen this award-winning franchise network with its history of top franchising honors, industry excellence, and franchisee satisfaction.

Home Instead franchise business ribbon cutting ceremony with four business people

Proven Track Record

Decades of undeniable success has awarded Home Instead with a reputation that cannot be beat. It was named a top franchise by Franchise Business Review as well as Entrepreneur magazine, and among these awards, Home Instead is ranked as a top franchise for women and veterans especially. Not only is Home Instead known for its triumphs in the home care industry but to its commitment to creating outstanding opportunities for entrepreneurs as well.

A Growing Industry

The demand for affordable and accessible home care for seniors has exponentially increased recently due to COVID and this trend is not going to stop. For this reason it’s safe to say that the senior in-home care industry has potential to be a booming business opportunity for the foreseeable future.

Female CAREGiver and female client smiling

Enhance Lives

Our franchise partners share our values in innovating and advocating for successful aging all around the world. Home instead dedicates itself to actively participating in leading organizations in the senior care industry such as the World Dementia Council, Global Coalition on Aging and more.

Join our movement to change the industry of care and aging by enhancing the lives of seniors and their families in your local community. In addition to providing consistent home-based championship and care, you’ll also be able to serve to your community through free educational resources and giving back programs too.

Final Thoughts

With over 26 years of experience and more than 1,200 franchises in 14 countries, Home Instead is a clear choice for entrepreneurs who crave a rewarding, fruitful, and steady way of life. For more information on Home Instead, including details about franchise opportunities, visit or call our global headquarters at (402) 498-4466.

Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active

As you get older, you want to place more emphasis on your health and activity levels. When you are trying to stay active, it can be difficult to find safe exercises that meet your needs. If this is an issue that you are facing, keep reading to discover some safe and easy exercises you can do to stay healthy!

Elderly woman holding a pair of dumbbells.

Elderly woman holding a pair of dumbbells.

Wall Pushups

If you used to be able to perform pushups flawlessly, this is a great way to keep it up without overexerting yourself. Wall pushups can still strengthen your upper body with the added element of pushing against a wall instead of the floor. Make sure to keep your body straight and bend your elbows to save your body any undue stress, allowing you to keep working out with enjoyment.


Tippy Toe Lifts

When you need to give your upper body a break, tippy toe lifts can be a great way to strengthen your legs and improve your balance. Holding onto a counter or the back of a sturdy chair, slowly raise yourself onto your toes, then slowly bring yourself back to standing flat on the floor, and repeat. The easiest way to do this exercise is to pretend you’re a ballerina and imagine you’re going en pointe and then coming down gently before repeating. Doing this exercise slowly while holding onto the back of a chair will ensure that your body reaps the benefits of the workout while improving your balance.


Chair Squats

Another great way to continue building strength in your lower body is by doing chair squats. By performing this exercise, you’ll be able to build your glutes and legs. Similar to a normal squat, a chair squat just implements the added measure of having you sit down in a chair before rising back up to your starting position. The important thing to remember with this exercise is to keep your torso and shoulders straight to avoid bad form.

Group of seniors exercising together.

Group of seniors exercising together.


When it comes to staying active and healthy as you get older, finding exercises that will let you perform the movements without compromising your safety is important. Whether you choose to do wall pushups, tippy toe lifts, chair squats, or another workout customized for your body, remember to listen to your body when working out; and if you have a senior care service, ask them for advice or suggestions on exercises.