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Is Gardening Beneficial for Seniors with Dementia?

            As spring transitions to summer, countless people are taking advantage of gardening in their homes. Even though not everybody has a green thumb, gardening is beneficial, especially for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Follow below to learn why gardening is helpful for people with Alzheimer’s or related forms of Dementia.

Gardening Benefits

Gardening can improve Alzheimer’s or a similar type of Dementia without medications. Digging in the soil can reduce nervousness and fretfulness for seniors. Additionally, maintaining and planting new flowers can increase a sense of independence and boost confidence for older adults. Gardening can reduce pain and reliance on pain medications for many people. Seniors with Dementia will enhance their memory and ability to have happier days.

Gardening Essentials

As a caregiver for somebody with Alzheimer’s disease, you need to create an outdoor space that helps them enjoy time with you. Below are a few ideas to help get started and stay on track:

  1. Preparation: Preparing where to start gardening and what plants to use is vital. It will help creativity, exercise, and more. Caregivers and senior adults can choose what flowers, herbs, and vegetables to use to grow over time.
  • Garden containers and beds: Sometimes, there are moments when there is no place to plant a garden in the ground. Or, a senior who has mobility challenges may be restricted from growing flowers they want. Containers or raised beds take less space and provide a safer way to care for a garden, and it is a fun way to take care of plants.
  • Circular Gardens: A safety concern that comes up when considering people facing Alzheimer’s or a related type of Dementia is a patient wandering off, and creating a garden path that makes a circle can lower the wandering. Also, keep the senior gardens far away from exits or gates.
  • A Comfortable Seat: Gardening can be difficult, so it is crucial to have a place to rest. A comfortable bench or chair in the garden can be very beneficial.
  • Be Mindful: Sharing responsibility for a few garden tasks with a senior can help them. Being mindful that some functions may be too complex for seniors can help them not overexert themselves.

Following these helpful tips can help your loved one feel appreciated and have a healthier lifestyle. Gardening is a great way to bond with them as well.

In Summary

Finding an activity for an adult with Alzheimer’s can be difficult. Yet, one of the best things they can do to improve their health is gardening. Gardening is one of the activities done at Home Instead. At Home Instead Senior Care, we provide gardening activities for your loved one. For more information on our activities in Wilmington, NC, please call us at (910) 342-0455 or visit our website here.

Why In-Home Assisted Living Can Be Highly Beneficial

Once a person starts to reach the golden years in life, they may begin to consider how you want to live out the rest of their days. Many people opt to stay inside their own homes. After all, they have lived there for a long time and see no real reason to move out. It’s where they are at their most comfortable.

A nurse helps an elderly woman with her phone.However, there could be circumstances where that may no longer be the ideal solution. The neighborhood may have gotten a little less safe or those they knew in the area have either moved away or passed on. In moments like these, an elderly person may feel isolated, leading to loneliness and even depression. In these situations, assisted living can give them a new lease on life!

It can take some time to convince someone to put their trust in another individual outside of their family. Yet once this change has happened and they begin to adapt to this new living arrangement, they feel excited by the improvements to their health and happiness. All it takes is a little education for them to change their minds.

While deciding what is best for a family member is a highly personal reason, there are plenty of resources available to make this process a smooth one. A lot of this comes down to addressing their specific needs and priorities. That’s why we’d like to offer a few more reasons why this may be the best decision they’ll make.

Let’s go back to the topic of being unwilling to move out. Many of us would much rather stay in our houses for as long as possible. It’s likely the place you’re most familiar with, so the idea of starting over again in a nursing home can be a challenging prospect.

Helper serving senior woman a meal.Being at home allows you to receive ongoing care in a familiar place that can assist you in your recovery. There are a variety of services available to you including home-health nurses, physical therapists, physicians, personal care attendants, homemakers, and much more. They can also help with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and transportation.

Another factor to weigh is the reduced cost of in-home assisted living. While nursing homes have a daily rate to contend with, hospice care tends to offer an hourly rate, with many of their services requiring at least 4 hours of attention.

In a sense, it can be a lower cost solution depending on the type of care you need. During this time, you’re still able to maintain your independence from a nursing facility for a longer period of time. If you or a loved one is considering in-home assisted living services, be sure to learn more about the type of care we provide so you can make the most educated decision.